Residenza Gambrinus

The Latin maxim “Festina lente” is for the first time given by the Roman writer Suetonius, the great Emperor Augustus, to define its course of action without delay, but with caution. In the sixteenth century, then, was associated and represented by Cosimo I de Medici to a turtle with a sail.

The turtle: animal famous for its slowness, understood as prudent and reflexivity, is combined with a sail billowing in the wind, synonymous with strength of action. Cosimo I made him become the emblem of his fleet and made it visible in dozens of depictions of Palazzo Vecchio (16 only in the Salone dei Cinquecento). This famous aphorism and its representation lends itself to various interpretations.

We are happy to have them adopted by our residences, as it seemed a wonderful approach to fully enjoy this city.

We suggest you visit it in its many beauties without trying to do “all at once”, having the patience to savor, enjoy, explore step by step, but being always ready to accelerate to find those paths and seize those emotions you never imagined before.

Sensations that only a city rich in history, culture and traditions as Florence will be able to try. We hope, dear guests, that you are just like our turtle pushed by the wind.